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Drive your self: John and Dorothy Meunier (England)

(2 weeks in Madrid, Basque Country, Cantabria, Galicia, Salamanca, Segiovia)
Dear Virginia,
We are now safely back in England and beginning to tell everyone about our time in northern Spain, in very positive terms. And we also find ourselves singing praises of you and your organization. I had learned on previous trips to places like Northern Africa, India and the Yemen that it was a very good idea to find a specialist travel agent who knew personally those particular territories, and so I was delighted to find you as we began thinking about North Eastern Spain.

I can't tell you how many times my wife congratulated me on my discovery. The schedule, the hotels, the car, the cities and towns, and the recommendations in your book for restaurants and tapas bars as well as sights to see, all worked out extremely well.

You had addressed the issues that I said we were interested in and organized an itinerary that met all of our criteria. We saw some beautiful countryside and coastal landscapes, we visited some magnificent old cities and important old buildings, we explored some wonderful modern architecture, none of the hotels were unsatisfactory and many were very good, we particularly enjoyed the old bars and restaurants in cities like Madrid, Bilbao and Segovia, and the central Plaza Mayor in cities like Salamanca were great places to sit and watch the citizens. But perhaps best of all were the many wonderfully helpful people that we met just about everywhere, particularly the young woman receptionist at the hotel in Madrid who was superb.

As evidence of our wonderful time in the trip you organized for us I enclose just a few of the hundreds of photographs we took

Many thanks,

John and Dorothy Meunier