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Camino de Santiago Francés, Jack Rodgers (USA)

At the end of June, 2012, my wife and I walked the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. It was a wonderful experience that began with something new for us.-- travel from Madrid via the night sleeper train.

Being conservative about our own walking abilities, we planned and completed the walk in 6 days without difficulty although typically the trip only takes 5 days. As we walked, we made the acquaintance of numerous other “peregrinos” and enjoyed the special fellowship that is the hallmark of the Way. The scenery, Spanish residents, and even the weather were all pleasures. Each evening we slept in very nice hotels reserved through “Spain is More” that were conveniently located with respect to the trail. Upon arriving in Santiago we attended the pilgrim’s mass at the cathedral (a service specifically oriented toward those who traveled the Camino) and we also obtained a certificate attesting our success in completing the Camino. To end our trip, we went to Finisterre with a guide arranged by Spain is More and toured the Costa Muerta. The guide was excellent and enthusiastically showed us the many points of special interest on the peninsula from beaches to waterfalls to a wholesale fish auction. Our journey was an unqualified success that met all of our expectations.