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Camino de Santiago Francés, Duke Osborne (USA)

Rasmus, thank you for making our journey along the Camino so easy. You and your company did an excellent job with directions, bookings, and hotels. We are very happy the Camino started in Leon, as that let us see another great city and experience a different part of Spain. We sometimes used your recommendations for eating in the Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. I found your summaries of the area, the history and the cultural information, excellent.
We had a great trip, and would book again with Spain is More.

Everything you booked was wonderful! Your maps, your directions, your explanations, your "green book" with the bonos and brief discussions of the towns -- excellent. Your directions upon arrival to Madrid, taking the circular to the RENFE station, and the tickets to Leon were clear and made our arrival easy. The train was a great way to see some of the country on our way to Leon.

Your suggestion to go to Leon was inspired. We loved Leon in our little time there, and were happy to see this interesting medieval city and that part of Spain (we thought about looking for your office but knew it would be closed on Sunday). In Leon, we were able to get our pilgrim's passport (thanks to the excellent map). Excellent hotel very near the cathedral. Good location.

Directions to the bus station and on to Ponferrado were very easy. Taking the bus was very enjoyable, and gave us a chance to see more of the countryside. The driver was there (Jose Luis) at the bus station, and he drove us to O Cebreiro, where we got our first look at the pilgrims and got our first stamp. Dropping us at Samos, where we had lunch, we started our Camino. Unfortunately, the monastery was closed when we arrived in Samos, so we did not get to see the inside. We walked those first few kilometers to Sarria.

We arrived in rain in Sarria, where our bags awaited. Although we did not have a good meal in Sarria (but we did try the pulpo), we were now ready to really walk the Camino.

We started off poorly out of Sarria, getting lost trying to find the trail, but were assisted by a local who directed us to the Camino. We really enjoyed the spirit of the Camino, with everyone greeting each other with "!Hola!" and "!Buen Camino!". We enjoyed our second day of hiking and being among many peregrinos.

Santiago de Compostela -- Rasmus, excellent hotel!! What a great way to end a journey to arrive at such a lovely and luxurious hotel. The location on the square with two churches (iSan Miguel and San Martino!) was fantastic, the hotel beautiful, the rooms excellent. Great job booking those rooms.

Our day trip to Finisterre with Manuel was an excellent addition to our Camino experience. We learned a bit, saw great scenery, and went to the end of the Earth. That afternoon, back in Santiago de Compostela, we visited the cathedral and hugged St James. It rained that day and the city was quiet.

Madrid -- the hotel was in a perfect location. Very active, very loud in the evening (but we could close the windows to keep the late-night noise out), very vibrant. Another great choice putting us in the hotel and in the middle of the old city of Madrid.

We did a day trip to Toledo, and otherwise explored Madrid and visited the museums and neighborhoods, along with a flamenco show.

Thanks for your service,

Duke Osborne